The Virgin Valley Water District to Work with Customers affected by the COVID-19

The Virgin Valley Water District (District) will work with individual customers facing financial hardships caused by COVID-19. Those individuals must contact the District’s office to establish payment arrangements. Provided you contact the District office to make all arrangements, the District will temporarily not lock meters or charge late fees. This temporary, “No-lock meter” and “no late fees” policy goes into effect on March 30, 2020, and will be re-evaluated on or before May 31, 2020. All other customer services are still available by calling the District’s office (702-346-5731), accessing the District’s website (, or emailing customer service (

The Virgin Valley Water District’s water distribution system can provide water under any number of emergency situations, including COVID-19. The District’s treatment & water distribution system is capable of delivering up to 12 million gallons of drinking water per day from the District’s deep well system. COVID-19 is primarily transmitted person-to-person. The World Health Organization has determined no transmission can occur via drinking water supplies. The Virgin Valley Water District’s drinking water meets or surpasses federal Safe Drinking Water Act standards and is treated using arsenic filtration, and chlorination, which are on the leading edge of water treatment processes and effective at removing contaminants from water. Chlorination, which is used throughout the District’s water distribution system, is extremely effective at destroying viruses and microorganisms during the water treatment process and maintaining disinfection throughout the water system.