Project Update #5

Virgin Valley Water District Projects Update

By Kevin Brown, General Manager

The last District project update was in May 2018. The Virgin Valley Water District continues to move forward with several projects that will impact residents and visitors in the Mesquite/Bunkerville area. Recently, Wells 1A and 27A and Treatment Plant 1A have been completed and are producing over 2,700 gallons per minute (combined) of water. Recent pipe replacement was completed on lower Oasis Blvd. and Kitty Hawk Drive. Wells 31 and 28 have gone through an extensive rehabilitation.

Projects that are in various stages of design and will begin construction in the next six months include: Northwest Tank and Transmission Line that will serve Sun City, Well 34 in Lincoln County, Replacement Well 26A, Headquarters Building Renovation and Expansion, Pressure Zone 2 to Pressure Zone 1 Booster Station, and rehabilitating Cabin Canyon Road. Because each of these projects will have some impact on residents (temporary noise, traffic, decreased water pressure, customer service impacts), we ask for your patience as each of these projects are necessary critical infrastructure improvements. Also, over the next 10 months the District will update its’ Master Plan, Water Conservation Plan, and Emergency Response Plan.

Well 34 will add a new water source to the District’s groundwater portfolio. The project will take place in Lincoln County northwest of the District’s two large storage tanks. The project will entail drilling a new deep well, constructing a transmission line to our Treatment Plant 32, building a well house, and equipping the well with a new motor and pump. We anticipate construction to begin in October 2019 and be complete in March 2020. We do not anticipate any impacts to residents.

The Northwest Tank and Transmission Line project will begin around November 2020. We are currently obtaining pipeline easements and the purchase of two acres of land in Lincoln County. The tank will be a 2 million gallon storage tank that will feed Sun City with a nearly two mile long, 24” diameter transmission line. Also included in the project is a corrosion protection system that will be located underground at the entrance to Hayden Estates (off Mesquite Heights Road). Construction is expected to take up to one year. Some traffic disruption on Mesquite Heights (Dump) Road and the entrance into Hayden Estates may be realized due to the installation of the 24” transmission line and corrosion protection system.

Replacement Well 26A replaces Well 26 that failed late last year. The District is in the final stages of purchasing property from the City of Mesquite that is near the existing Well 26 site near the intersection of Hardy Way and Abbott Wash. The project will entail drilling a new deep well, constructing a transmission line to our Treatment Plant 27, building a well house, and equipping the well with a new motor and pump. We anticipate construction to begin in November 2019 and be complete in May 2020. Some noise from the well drilling/developing and site construction may be a short term nuisance with some minor traffic inconveniences occurring.

The Headquarters Renovation and Expansion project will start in October 2019 and be completed in June 2020. The project will completely renovate the District’s existing 25 year old office and add approximately 2,400 square feet of new space. Some customer service disruption will occur during construction. The District anticipates that it will remain open for business during its’ normal hours while the project is ongoing. To avoid the construction, customers may pay their bills by accessing Xpress Bill Pay on the District’s web site or utilize the drop boxes around town for check payments.

Pressure Zone 2 to Pressure Zone 1 Booster Station will allow the District to move water from Pressure Zone 2 (large area north of I-15) to Pressure Zone 1 (Sun City) to help with water resource management within the District’s distribution system. The booster station will be located in the Val Vista Subdivision located between Stone Haven and Hayden Estates. This project should start construction in November 2019 and be completed in April 2020. Some noise and minor traffic impacts will be felt in the local area similar to normal subdivision construction.

Cabin Canyon Road maintenance will occur in September/October 2019. The District has a 100’ wide right of way and is required to periodically maintain the road. The recent large amounts of precipitation have washed away portions of the road. District staff utilizes the road to access District’s assets on the Virgin Mountains. No impacts to residents should be realized as part of this work.

We will do our best to keep the public informed about the progress of these projects that are necessary updates or repairs to our water system infrastructure. Most of them are made possible by the new rates approved by the VVWD Board of Directors in April 2015 and will ensure that the District will continue to provide our ratepayers with the best service possible.

If you have questions about any of the projects, please call the District at 702-346-5731.