Historic Bunkerville Well

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Meter, Impact and Ordinance II Fee Schedule

Please view the PDF file for the details about Meter Size, Equivalent Meter Ratio, Capacity Allowance (gpd), Impact Fee, Ordinance II Fe, Installation Cost, Total fee, Division of Water Resources (DWR) Transfer Fee, and again Total Fee.

The DWR transfer fee is paid only once. Example: The total transfer fee for a 50-home subdivision would Equivalent Meter Ratio: The ratio of safe operating capacity of various sizes of meters, relative to the capacity of a 5/8” X ¾” meter as determined by the American Water Works Association Manual of Practice 1, latest edition, with local meter capacities incorporated.

CCWS Fee: A fee to obtain a conditional commitment for water service to real property located in the District’s authorized service area that has not previously received water service.

System Development Charge: A charge to finance growth related or capacity related water facilities. Meter Installation Charge: A charge for District staff to install a water meter at the property. Division of Water Resources Transfer Charge: An administrative charge to cover District costs to prepare and file various documents relating to water rights.