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VI-8 Construction Water from Public or Private Fire Hydrants

Effective January 1, 2016, only District owned water meters shall be used in the District service area.

Connections to public or private fire hydrants are prohibited unless an application is made and approved by the District and a hydrant valve and meter is installed. The applicant for service shall designate the period of time and purpose for which such water is requested to be used. The District may discontinue service and remove the hydrant valve and meter at the expiration of the term designated in the application. The District will install all equipment necessary for the connection and no water shall be used until such equipment is installed. No hydrant meter will be rented until the customer has signed and delivered a “Hydrant Meter Usage Form” to the District office. Connections to fire hydrants are prohibited unless a hydrant valve and meter is installed. The District may establish limitations on the rate of flow and time of use. The District will install all hydrant meters on the hydrant closest to the location requested by the customer if practicable.

A designated location for temporary construction water service shall not be changed by the customer. If the customer requests and if approved by the District, the District will make all location changes to the meter location and the District will require 48 hours advanced notice of any request for location change.

No fire hydrant meter or other equipment owned by the District shall be removed, moved, or in other way tampered with. The District personnel shall read all hydrant meters monthly.

Use of a fire hydrant and fire hydrant meter shall comply with the following:

  1. All fire hydrants must be turned on and off with a fire hydrant wrench. No pipe wrenches, channel lock, etc.
  2. Fire hydrants must be operated with the valve fully open to prevent damage to the hydrant.
  3. Water flow shall be controlled via the gate valve on the hydrant meter, not the operating nut on the hydrant.
  4. If a customer rents a hydrant meter, the customer is responsible for all water usage that occurs until the rented meter is returned. If a customer is concerned about others using the customer’s hydrant meter, the customer should use a small piece of chain and customer’s own lock on the hydrant meter gate valve.
  5. The hydrant meter will be locked on the hydrant closest to the location where the customer requests the water, as far as practicable.
  6. If a customer wants to have a hydrant meter moved, the customer shall make the request at least 48 hours before the customer desires the requested move to occur.
  7. The customer shall be responsible for any and all damage to fire hydrants and fire hydrant meters caused by the customer’s negligence or intentional act.
  8. Hydrant meters shall not be used as a permanent source of water. The District shall have the immediate right to remove any hydrant being used as a permanent source of water or which is not being operated in compliance with the District’s policies.

In the event that a connection is made to a fire hydrant without authority from the District, the user shall be required to pay appropriate charges as determined by the District, and shall be subject to other penalties as provided by law including, but not limited to, NRS 704.800. Any water use that does not comply with the foregoing provisions shall be considered fraudulent water use and subject to all applicable fees and penalties.

A monthly fee as set forth in the Monthly Water Rates and Charges will be charged for all fire hydrant rentals. Hydrant meter rentals for less than one month are prorated; however, the minimum rental fee is $50.00. The total water usage on all hydrant meters will be billed as per the District’s established rates in effect at the time of the rental.